Butter Cake @ Kaku Kaku かくかく, Petaling Jaya

First thing comes into my mind is the Japan Sakura Furoshiki which I bought it during my last spring trip in Tokyo, Japan. I guess it will matched perfectly with the butter cake I bought for my tea session. Bought the Kaku Kaku Butter Cake at the Jaya One Weekend Market. It was said to... Continue Reading →


Original Matcha Au-Lait @ Uji, Kyoto Japan

I got this premium original matcha au-lait from one of my Japanese friend, who owns a green tea farm and manufactured company which produces premium matcha, green tea drinks, green tea blotted paper, sencha, genmaicha, houjicha and etc. You can purchase them from his company website. His website consists of dual languages - Japanese and... Continue Reading →

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