METI JAPAN Internship Programme

A big shout out to Japan Lovers and who wish to work in Japan ! It is your chance to find a new career in Japan through METI Government of JAPAN – Japan Internship Programme !

By doing internships in Japan, young people from developing countries can study overseas business strategies at Japanese company headquarters and acquire the skills and expertise from Japanese companies, trained as global leaders capable of working in Japan, in their home countries and in the wider world in the future. It is 94% success match !

METI Government of Japan – Japan Internship Programme Office:-

  • held training & wrap up presentation
  • open application & selection for host companies & interns
  • support the procedures for travel to Japan
  • progress management of internship
  • received internship planning & reports
  • settling expenses
  • raising awareness of programme results


The Programme Framework

The Japanese companies (host company) will provides all kinds of activities such as overseas marketing, new business development, developing products for foreigners, interpreting & translation, business English & Japanese and etc for the young foreign nationals (Intern).

The Japanese companies (host) will support for the accommodation, transportation and living costs for the Intern as well.

As both Japanese Companies (Host) and Young Foreign Nationals (Intern) have to submit reports and assignments regarding the internship to Japan Internship Programme Office, the PASONA and JETRO.

The Japan Internship Programme Office provides provision of intercultural management training and payment to support HR development of the Japanese companies (host) while provides provision of Japanese business training, arranging air tickets, payment of accommodation expenses and etc to the young foreign nationals (intern).



April to June – Briefing sessions / Entry

May to July – Examination / Selection

July to August – Final matching between company & intern / preparing for activities

August to December – Actual Internship Period (Group Training & Wrap Up Presentation)

November to January – Submission of reports / settlement of company expenses


*This programme offers workplace experience, not actual employment. It aims to provide interns with workplace skills and know-how. Please note that it is not a substitute for casual or part-time employment etc.


Simple steps to apply:

  1. Send emails to apply a seat for the briefing session.
  2. Attended the scheduled briefing session.
  3. Send your personal information to the person-in-charge.
  4. Prepare for the 1st interview session.
  5. Attended 1st Interview Session.
  6. If passed, prepare for the 2nd interview.
  7. Attended 2nd Interview Session.
  8. If passed, apply for the Approval Letter from your College/University.
  9. Prepare to work abroad in Japan according to the date you have chose (Duration: 3 months).


Visit METI Japan Internship Programme for more info !



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