Tai Feng Taiwanese Hotpot @ Dataran C180

Tai Feng Taiwanese Hotpot @ Dataran C180

The first ever time having steamboat here with friends since the day it opened. Many friends dated me before to this steamboat restaurant, however, every time was blocked or crashed with something else and ended up not visiting here. Finally, we could make it for this round.

It was said to be very packed during the weekends. Luckily, we did not need to queue for it. My friend, Jacky been here for many many times already. He was pretty familiar with everything’s here, from the service, sauces and foods serve.

Noticed that there was a side table prepared beside each of the dining table, to put all the raw meats and utensils so that we had more space to eat on the dining table. They were so attentive in this aspect. Praised. Their services were good thou in every aspects, from creating the Taiwanese hotpot special sauce for the guests, putting in the raw foods to the pot, added soup when it was in low consumption to the pot, cutting vegetables into smaller pieces and etc. The staffs were all very alert !

Tai Feng Taiwanese Hotpot @ Dataran C180

We had ordered a set for 2 pax and added a plate of lamb slices and cheese balls. The soup base was the tomato milk, it was good after added more milk into the hotpot. The flavours become thicker and more flavourful. The recommended Taiwanese hotpot special sauce was not my thing as I prefer to go more on spicy. Overall was good !

Tai Feng Taiwanese Hotpot @ Dataran C180
Taiwanese hotpot special sauce
Taiwanese hotpot special sauce
Pork slices
Lamb slices

And lastly, the dessert comes in a package with 2 ice-creams and 1 soy milk pudding (taufu hua). The soy milk pudding was very smooth and tasty. Love it. For the ice-creams, I prefered the coffee instead of the caramel.

Soy milk Pudding ‘Taufu Hua’ with ginger syrup and sun-dried tangerine peel syrup
Caramel Ice-cream
Coffee Ice-cream

Tai Feng Taiwanese Hotpot @ Dataran C180

Address: A-1-UG, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, 43200 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact: +603-9082 1911

Opening Hours: Daily, 1700 to 2300



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