My 4th Anniversary @ Home


Happy 4th Anniversary, My love ! Before today, I was indeed exhausted busy for the Weekend Markets. I was far more to forget about our anniversary! Today you sent me a bouquet of red pinkish flowers. You really brighten up my day ! Love you my baby ! I was really got surprised about it, when my mom was screaming downstairs that who was that sending flowers at our doorstep ? Sent to the wrong place or wrong person ? Just about that, I realized ya, the bouquet of flower was mine ! It was my anniversary today !


After reading the card, I was far more sure that it was my anniversary bouquet ! Thanks my Love ! I have never thought that you will still remember about our anniversary day ! Appreciate that what you had done for us – our relationship ! I love the bouquet, super pretty ! I’m so in love with it.


Another thing was it bloomed so beautifully and gorgeously. It can also bloomed for almost a week. Normally those bouquet that I had received before were died very quickly or just sustained for a couple of days.

However, come to my surprised, it can sustained up to a week and it was still blooming beautifully even after a week. I was so curious about it. One more thing to shared about this bouquet of flower was it actually super heavy for carry ! I thought that they filled up with a bottle of water in it. Therefore, it can lasts longer. 20170605_133522

Such a gorgeously bloomed bouquet of flowers! Superrr in love ! Biggg love !



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