Newly Launched MRT Train to Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia


METI JAPAN Internship Programme

A big shout out to Japan Lovers and who wish to work in Japan ! It is your chance to find a new career in Japan through METI Government of JAPAN - Japan Internship Programme ! By doing internships in Japan, young people from developing countries can study overseas business strategies at Japanese company headquarters... Continue Reading →

Shichi-Go-San Festival in Japan

Shichi-go-san Festival is one of the most important festivals in Japan for children and also their parents. It is held annually on the 15th of November. It is to celebrate the growth of the young children. It is not a national holiday therefore it is to be celebrated on the weekend before or after the... Continue Reading →

My 4th Anniversary @ Home

Happy 4th Anniversary, My love ! Before today, I was indeed exhausted busy for the Weekend Markets. I was far more to forget about our anniversary! Today you sent me a bouquet of red pinkish flowers. You really brighten up my day ! Love you my baby ! I was really got surprised about it,... Continue Reading →

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